IBN Design Information & Brochure Books Articles

  • 01. IBN Complete Design Files

    This article contains all the information regarding any IBN design. Inside each design file you will find bills of quantities, coloured brochures & working drawings.
  • 02. IBN Brochure Books

    This article contains the 8 brochure books in final & print version, the print version has trim marks for professional printing otherwise the final version is the best to use. You can also download all at once with the zip file.
  • 03. IBN Facade Ranges & Details

    This article contains all the facade information including individual files in JPG, PDF & EPS plus the new range facade matrix which shows which facades are suited for which design.
  • 04. Coloured Brochures - Hi-Res & Web

    This article contains the coloured brochures for each design in both hi resolution and low resolution. Hi resolution is best for printing while low resolution is used for emails and websites.
  • 05. IBN Working Drawings

    This article contains all the working drawings for each IBN design.
  • 06. Individual Design Files - Stylised Floor Plans

    This article contains the stylised floor plans.
  • 07. Insulliving Designs

    This article contains information regarding InsulLiving designs.
  • 08. IBN First Homes

    This article contains information regarding IBN First Homes
  • 10. Sketch Extra Designs & Other Plans

    This article contains extra designs we receive from Sketch and some others that can be utilised.
  • 09. Adaptable Living Homes Designs

    This article contains details about adaptable living homes designs.